Edible, industrial and

deicing salt

Rost Trading LLC - we are trader of food, industrial and deicing salt
About us
Our company operates on the slat market since 2017, we are involved in international trading of deicing salt, we also are one of the biggest importers to ukrainian salt market

Our products

соль пищевая, сіль харчова, сіль, соль,

Food rock salt
1 кg

Refined salt of highest grade for retail
соль пищевая, сіль харчова, сіль, соль,

Food rock salt 25 кg

Food salt for food and chemical industry

Tablet salt

Refined pressed salt NaCl 99% packed in pe bags 25 кg
сіль для доріг, сіль технічна, сіль 3 посол, соль для дороги, соль техническая, соль 3 посол

Industrial and deicing salt

Salt is packed in BB

Highest quality
By purchasing our products, consumers can be assured of quality and appropriate service. While many importers try to bring in the cheapest salt, neglecting quality, we consistently import only rock salt of the highest degree of purification, the quality of which is constantly checked by independent foreign laboratories.
We do our best to cooperate sucessfully with you
  • Transportation to customer warehouse
    Our logistic department will care about your cargo
  • Regional distributing centers
    Our company has distributing centers in Poltava, Odesa, Khmelnitsky, Zaporizhzhya regions
  • Tablet salt for water softening in bags 25 kg
    We ca provide you delivery through NOVA, DELIVERY, SAT
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